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Commemorating the 150th Anniversary

June 8-15, 2019

In honor of the 150th anniversary of Minnesota Camp Meeting, will be hosting various commemorative events throughout the state. Below, you will see the events highlighted. Please note that any last minute changes will be communicated via or on their Facebook page. For more details, please visit

Campmeeting Unknown-Date Probably-not-An

1869 & 1870

Visit the John & Rita Carroll Farm in Wasioja Township. At the time, this farm belonged to William Ingraham, and was the site of the first two Minnesota Camp Meetings.

Campmeeting_1912 Northfield-04-A Martins


Central Park in Northfield was the site of the 1912 Camp Meeting, which was recently restored by a group of volunteers, to a condition similar to what it would've been like in 1912.

Campmeeting Unknown-Date-Anoka Guishard-

All Day Bus Tour

For this event, reservations are required. You will board the bus at Maplewood Academy. The tour will stop at several Camp Meeting sites in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, including Anoka.

Campmeeting Unknown-Date-Location 02 Mar


Visit Medford City Park (aka Straight River Park) in Medford, MN. This was the site of Camp Meeting between 1871 and 1874. At that time, Medford was central to MN ministry.

Campmeeting_1876 EagleLake-B Review-Hera

1875 & 1876

Visit Fraze Park in Eagle Lake, MN to see the site of the 1875-1876 Camp Meeting. The earliest known photos of Minnesota Camp Meeting were taken at the Eagle Lake site.

Campmeeting Unknown-Date-Location 01-A M

1877, 1878, 1910, 1911

South Park, located in Hutchinson, MN, was the site of four Camp Meetings. It was held at the Adventist Danish-Norwegian Seminary (now Maplewood Academy).

Campmeeting_1910-1911 Hutchinson-01-A Pe
June 8 - 6:30 p.m.


Check out the Historic Northfield Train Depot, where many visited for the 1912 Camp Meeting. Located in Northfield, MN, the event took place in Central Park.

Campmeeting Unknown-Date-Location Christ


Sibley Park hosted Minnesota Camp Meeting in 1884-1885, and the events were held in four languages. Nearly 1000 attended each year, with an average of 70 baptized in the Minnesota River.



This year's the 150th Anniversary of Camp Meeting! Camp Meeting has been held at Maplewood Academy since 1967, and this year's Camp Meeting kicks off the evening of June 11.

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