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The Golden Angels ministry is a full-time music missionary program, organized in 2004 by the Northern Asia Pacific Division of Seventh day Adventist church (NSD). The Golden Angels ministry was established to support the church planting project in NSD territory and to reach out to younger generations with distinctive music content based on Adventist beliefs. Each year, eight singing missionaries join and serve for one year. In addition, the Golden Angels ministry produces recordings and performance DVDs.


The Golden Angels-International is organized by the former members of the Golden Angels singers. The Golden Angels-International ministry hopes to reach people in the world through music and evangelism. The Golden Angels-International ministry is privileged to share their music with the members of Minnesota Conference and pray that the passion for mission will be rekindled by the music we share.

Esther YoungEun Lee

Esther YoungEun Lee was a member of the Golden Angels singing group in 2016. Prior to joining the Golden Angels, YoungEun spent a year serving as a missionary in the Philippines. She truly has a heart for Jesus and His mission. She is a nurse, and her ministry is not only about physical healing, but also spiritual touch for hurting souls. She said, “I pray that God will use me for His work through my life. I'm really glad to be here to fellowship with the members of the Minnesota Conference.”

SeJoung Park​

SeJoung Park was a member of the Golden Angels in 2010. She is a nurse and a clinical instructor in a nursing school in South Korea. Despite her busy schedule, she uses her voice for various music ministries and music groups in South Korea. She loves the Lord and she is glad to be a part of the Golden Angels-International group in 2018 to share the love of Christ through music in Minnesota.

Helen Macawili

Helen Macawili-Huynh was born and raised in the Philippines. She served for four years as an overseas missionary, including a two-year stint with the Golden Angels. Helen appreciates and enjoys singing old gospel songs and hymns. She is married to Jeff, who is a praise team coordinator at their local church. Helen is an online ESL teacher and a homeschool mom to her two young children. The Huynhs hail from Central Florida and are active members and ministry leaders of the Gainesville SDA Church.

JaeRim Song

JaeRim Song is a pastor at East Central Korea Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. He has been singing bass in various groups for many years, and he is glad to be a part of the Golden Angels-International ministry in 2018. Not only is he passionate about pastoral ministry, but he is also a dedicated father and husband.

Sean Lee

Sean Lee was born and raised in South Korea. He joined the Golden Angels ministry in 2005 as a first tenor. He has been actively engaged/involved in music ministry while he serves in the Adventist church as a pastor. He believes that music has the power to open people’s hearts for Jesus. Pastor Sean Lee is a part of the Minnesota Conference ministry team. He serves at Southview Adventist Church and with the Minnesota Conference Youth department. He is really excited about this opportunity to bring the Golden Angels International group to Minnesota Conference Camp Meeting in 2018.

Robert Yeom

Robert is from South Korea, and he Joined the Golden Angels singers in 2015. He is currently serving at Bitgoeul SDA Church in South-Western Korea Conference as youth pastor. He is really excited about sharing the Golden Angels music at Minnesota Conference Camp Meeting. His favorite Bible verse is “the people I formed for myself that they may proclaim my praise.” (Isaiah 43:21)

Sungmin Cheong & JeongHyeon Hong​

Sungmin Cheong and JeongHyeon Hong are both alumni of the Golden Angels ministry. Sungmin was with the group in 2010 and JeongHyeon was with the group in 2013. They consider it special to be a married couple with same music ministry background. They both agree that the Golden Angels ministry experience was very distinct. Furthermore, they believe that they can be a team as a family to share the love of Jesus through music forever. They are currently serving Central New Jersey Korean SDA Church and are excited to spend a wonderful time at the Minnesota Conference Camp Meeting.

SooYeon Park​

SooYeon Park was with the Golden Angels in 2013. SooYeon considers the Golden Angels ministry as the best experience she had in her life. Sharing the gospel with people who don’t know about Jesus was a precious moment for her while she was in the group. She has been using her gift of music in various music ministries and different singing groups in South Korea. She has been working as a teacher in an English-speaking kindergarten in Seoul. She said, “I am looking forward to experiencing the presence of God in Minnesota. Music has a strong power to unite people together. I am sure that we can be united through music and its messages. May God bless each one of you.”


The Golden Angels will be leading our praise and worship time during all the main meetings, except for Friday and Sabbath evening. On Friday, they will be in concert at the Karen Seventh-day Adventist Church. On Sabbath evening, the Golden Angels will join the Young Adult program after the concert. Music for Friday and Sabbath evenings will be provided by other groups.

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